Automation Systems

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…and focus on energy efficient pumps and motors, proper sizing, hydraulic efficiency, correct plumbing, and safety when selecting the best equipment fit for your pool. All new equipment quotes are FREE to our service clients. Call today about the new energy efficient pool equipment and save money. We replace your swimming pool systems equipment, including motors, timers, lights, heater, filters, pool pumps, valves, skimmers and main drains including VGB compliant drain covers, automation, automatic pool cleaners, and handrails.

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Put your pool on cruise control with automated control systems!

EasyTouch® Control System

The EasyTouch® Control System allows full control of all pool and spa features, offering a new level of convenience for pool owners looking for an affordable, convenient pool and spa control system. The system includes an easy to use control panel that is built-in to the outdoor enclosure. This panel allows for full system setup, programming, and everyday operation. VIEW BROCHURE »

IntelliTouch® Control System

IntelliTouch® Systems automation offers superior control systems from small to the most ambitious pool and spa designs including water features and spectacular lighting effects. Users can choose the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or the MobileTouch® wireless (900MHz) control panel to complete their pool and spa automation system. VIEW BROCHURE »

ScreenLogic2™ Interface for IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Automation Systems

ScreenLogic2™ Interface allows you to control the key functions of your pool and spa using the Easy Touch® and IntelliTouch® control systems, using controllers such as an in-wall touch screen, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and PC or Mac™ computers. VIEW BROCHURE »