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…and focus on energy efficient pumps and motors, proper sizing, hydraulic efficiency, correct plumbing, and safety when selecting the best equipment fit for your pool. All new equipment quotes are FREE to our service clients. Call today about the new energy efficient pool equipment and save money. We replace your swimming pool systems equipment, including motors, timers, lights, heater, filters, pool pumps, valves, skimmers and main drains including VGB compliant drain covers, automation, automatic pool cleaners, and handrails.

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Take a big bite out of pool maintenance with the Kreepy Krauly7® Great White® automatic in ground pool cleaner. Unlike other cleaners, the Great White scrubs and vacuums away the toughest dirt. VIEW BROCHURE »


A new standard in Chlorine Generator Technology by Pentair Aquatic Systems®

The IntelliChlor® chlorine generator uses common table salt to product all the chlorine your pool needs, right in your pool – safely, effectively, and automatically. As the dissolved salt flows through the generator cell, it is electrolytically converted to pure chlorine, which is then distributed through the pool, sanitizing the water; keeping it fresh, clear, and safe. VIEW BROCHURE »

The Autopilot® Salt Chlorine Generator is for perfect pool water EVERYDAY…the natural way. No more green hair, red eyes, itchy skin or faded swimwear. The Autopilot® Salt Chlorine Generator is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. VIEW BROCHURE »